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PackerNation POLL: Who Will Have the Breakout Year?

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I LOVE this question and I can't wait to see how PackerNation responds. Packers fans can't help but feel that this year the Packers offense that we had come to expect before 2015 will be back...and possibly back in a big way. A big part of this positive vibe comes from the expected return of Jordy Nelson. Of course, coming off an ACL, it remains to be seen whether Jordy will be the same but all indications to this point are that he will be. But my question revolves around another source of excitement on the Packers' offense, the third…

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An Epic Battle is Coming To Packers Training Camp

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It's hard to believe but Packers training camp is right around the corner, even more so since Family Night is the last weekend in July making room for an extra pre-season game. Everyone will have their eyes pealed for Jordy Nelson, who likely will be held out of a lot as coach McCarthy will be handling him with kid gloves through the preseason. That is good news for the young Packers receivers looking to make the team or move up a slot. One particular competition that I am excited about is the third receiver slot and I do think it…

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This Difference-Maker Looks to Take the Next Step

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Some guys just seem to have it all...size, speed, and the brains to go with it. When the Packers picked Ty Montgomery before last season, I saw one of the most fluid athletes I have seen in a long time. I predicted that he would be a difference maker and Packernation, for the most part, agreed with their post-draft grades. (more…)

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Drooling…And The Wheels Are Turning

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The signing of Jared Cook has got me drooling...My cousin and I were chatting back and forth about offensive sets when he confessed that he was having trouble concentrating on his work after word of the signing came out. Same here. One person who has been overlooked in most of the conversation of how good this offense could be is Ty Montgomery. (more…)

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R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Rams

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Rants This game was not pretty but it is a win nevertheless. Aaron Rodgers threw 2 INT's and had a sack fumble for a turnover which is very uncharacteristic of him but I put the blame partially on the receivers, they were not getting separation throughout this game (with the exception of a few plays which resulted in a Ty Montgomery TD and a James Jones TD) and for the most part they looked lost. I am not a Jeff Janis or Jared Abbrederis groupie but I feel if the receivers are struggling then why not put these guys in…

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