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At the Half of the Vikings Versus Lions…

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PackerNation will be watching the early matchup between the Lions and the Vikings to see if the Vikings continue on a skid or if the change at offensive coordinator in some bizarre way helps the Vikings offense get going. Here's the story so far... (more…)

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When You Are Proud And Ashamed At The Same Time

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Joe Stave...Wisconsin native...NOT a Packer. Sometimes you just have to root for a guy because he was a Badger and came from Wisconsin. The NFL is a curious league because there are guys (like Russell Wilson) from teams I hate (like the Seahawks) that I still want to do well. This is one of those situations. Wow...can I just say this...I am glad the guy will get paid to be a backup. He worked hard and it is not his fault he ended up in purple...at least his smile is TOTALLY FAKE in this pic... Go Pack!

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Brett Favre: “I Can Still Play”

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Brett Favre had some things to say about his ability at age 45. Speaking on Sports Illustrated's "Where Are They Now?" series, the former Packer said that though he couldn't do everything required to lead a team..he could still play. (more…)

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Was Greg Jennings a Sucker for Going to the Vikings?

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My friend Ray Rivard (aka apackphan) over at Lombardi Ave has a great blog. Definitely something you need to add to your daily reading list. Tons of good stuff all the time. Most of the time, Ray and I see absolutely eye-to-eye on the Packers. That said, today was one of the very rare instances when he and I have differing opinions. (more…)

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