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Two Key Fundamentals that Will Be Huge

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There has been a good deal of talk about McCarthy’s intent to get back to the basics on offense. All this talk about fundamentals seems vaguely familiar to perennial Packer fans. There was a reason that the Packer Power sweep was such an effective tool during the Lombardi era. It wasn't because it relied on misdirection. It didn't implement the element of surprise. Everybody knew it was coming and nobody could stop it. The reason… Fundamentals. (more…)

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4 Reasons Vince Lombardi was The Father of Modern Football

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This past year the world in general and Packernation in particular were treated to the first replay of Super Bowl I. It wasn't even a Super Bowl at the time, just a championship game and one of many in the Packers already storied history. But one voice was heard long before the replay of the game was available, one man has been quoted from the time he turned the Packers (who had not been a dominant team for many years) into a champion until today. One man etched his winning ways on the Packers franchise and in turn, the newly…

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As the Team Comes Together…

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A little quote from the greatest coach ever in the NFL. This team is coming together and Packernation believes that good things are in store. Here's to all the guys that are ready to give it all, not for individual glory but for the greater goals of the team. (more…)

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Packer Pride Meme

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I just think this sums it up...6-0. And the coach whose legend is etched on the Championship Trophy of the NFL tells us what kind of win this was today: (more…)

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