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TE prospect Jared Cook

With the free agency frenzy winding down there are still a few good prospects which could fill a gap on the Packers roster, TE being one everybody feels Ted should look into. Personally I like Jared Cook, while he isn’t a TD master he is a solid route runner with good size 6’5″ 254 lbs. with a 4.5 – 40 yard dash , he could turn into a threat down the seam and in the red-zone.

Drafted by the Titans in 2009 he played 4 years with them then the Rams picked him up in 2013, as I stated he didn’t catch a lot of TD’s but he was used as an inline blocker for the run game and that alone could help the Packers since they don’t have a good blocking TE. I believe the Packers would utilize his talents a lot better with Rodger’s tossing the rock to him. Imagine a good blocking TE for Lacy, this will open holes not only for him but it will also force teams to put a safety or extra linebacker in the box to stop him and that’s where I feel McCarthy will utilize him as a seam threat, also with a two TE set R.Rodgers on one side and him on the other it will give Aaron two big targets in the redzone.

Ted did show interest in him 3 years ago when the Rams snatched him up so maybe he will take a look at him now, he should come at a reasonable price as well since he is getting to the end of his career but maybe he has one or two years left in him and could be the missing piece the Packers have been missing, but this is just one prospect out there and my personal opinion so let Packer nation know your thoughts in the comments below or on our facebook homepage.

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