The 2015 Packers: A New Hope

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  The past three games have been an absolute disaster for our beloved Packers. In none of those games did they measure up to expectations.

But there are still reasons for Packer pride.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The defense is doing quite well considering it’s kind of a hodgepodge of players. In each of the past three games the defense is done well enough to give the offense plenty of opportunity to win the game for us. Aside from a few huge plays that put them on their heels, they’ve been stout.

On the offensive side of the ball, this team still has a ton of talent. Yes we’re missing Jordy Nelson… Missing him a whole lot right now. But, there are so many weapons on this offense that, if it can shake itself out of it slumber, it will put any defense on it’s heels. 

The linchpin is Aaron Rodgers himself. If Aaron can get back to being Aaron, the skies the limit for this team. There’s a ton of speculation as to what’s wrong with Rodgers, but if he ever figures out and fixes what’s wrong, the green and gold will once again dominate on the offensive side of the ball. 

If Aaron gets back in rhythm, he’ll start hitting Cobb in stride and Cobb will be will become the electric slot receiver we know him to be. If Aaron gets back in rhythm, James Jones will become the force that he was in the first several games of the season. If Aaron gets back in rhythm, the young players that have shown some development will continue to contribute to the scoreboard.

As with any team in the league, our success lives and dies with our quarterback. The good news is, unlike many teams in the league who have no hope at quarterback, the Packers can rise out of these ashes and terrorize the league again. 


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