GreenBay Packer Nation

The Bottom Line is It’s Mostly About the Super Bowl

I thought about running a poll…

Which would you rather have, a 10-6 season and a Super Bowl win or a perfect 16-0 season and a Super Bowl loss?

I thought about it… but the answer seems obviously unanimous. I can’t imagine any Packer fan who would ever be completely satisfied if we don’t bring that Lombardi trophy back to Lambeau where it belongs.

I take a great deal of pride in the fact that the Packers had a historic season last year. The 15-1 record will be one that will be hard to top, and it was one amazing ride. Still, 15 wins only earned us the division title.

Great! So we won the division. The real importance of winning the division is simply this…

We secured a playoff spot.

That’s really it. Winning the division ensures that the Pack is going to have an opportunity to compete for the real prize of the season… the Lombardi.

Do I hope the Packers go 16-0 this season? You bet! Do I think they can do it? I absolutely think this team can pull that off. Would I be satisfied with that if they went to the Super Bowl and stumbled. No.

I would be happy about the weeks of fun we had leading up to the Super Bowl and I would be pleased with another historic accomplishment for the league’s greatest team. But, I would be left feeling empty for weeks afterward.

It really is mostly about the Super Bowl.