The Domino Effect: Did Thompson Make the Right Move?

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Jordy Nelson 2015With the opener against Da Bears right around the corner Ted Thompson did something he is strongly against by bringing in a veteran free agent (James Jones) to fill a position otherwise occupied by their young developmental players. With Jordy Nelson going down for the season it looked like Cobb and Adams would step into the spotlight and Myles White, Jeff Janis and Ty Montgomery would follow suit in being the next man up but with the signing of Jones that all changed.

The release of White tells me he would not have made the team for the third year in a row if Jordy had not got injured, Yes he had a great preseason and looked safe for all of a day but let’s look at the big picture; Jones has seven years with Aaron as a receiver and just one year removed from the chemistry they had, it should not take long for them to start right where they left off. While he doesn’t stretch the field he is a good red zone receiver and that is an area the Pack needs help! Time will tell if TT made the right move by signing him and releasing White and some were saying Janis should have been the one waived. If that was the case I personally think Janis would have been claimed within the first hour after being cut just for his upside if nothing else whereas White has had 3 years to prove he is a top receiver to no avail.

While I hate to see a player get cut I feel White was the right choice as the receiving corps goes. Now, do I thinkJames Jones 2 he should have been on top of the list? No. I think Goodson would have been a better choice and in my opinion will still be one to go when Datone Jones or Letroy Guion return so that will leave one more hard decision for the head honcho’s to make.

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But who do you think it will be? Let Packer Nation know your thoughts in the comments below or on our FB homepage.

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