The Green Cheesebox

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20140809_220937OK…anybody who saw this vehicle between Milwaukee and Nashville…let us know who you are 20140809_221336and where you saw it. This…is the Green Cheesebox, and it just might be the coolest, bestest vehicle on the highway today.

The Green Cheesebox is a “shortbus” for Packers fans. Outside, on the side it says “Lambeau Field School District” and on the back it says “Green Cheese Box”. Inside, the Green Cheese Box has seating for six, Packer lighting and other hangings…and a bunch of the coolest Packers fans you’ll find anywhere, including one (Ewan) from Glasgow, Scotland.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

We met Todd first, and he introduced us to the rest of the guys (they didn’t let on that there were ladies as well!) and we got a chance to hear their story. Travelling from Milwaukee to Nashville, these guys travelled in style and according to Ewan, were recognized the whole way. I think it comes down to this…either people flashed the passengers of the Green Cheese Box with signs of hate (you know what finger) or they showed them a ‘lil Packers love (the kind usually requiring beads and reserved for Mardi Gras). But regardless…the crew was dead set on viewing a preseason showdown between the Packers and the Titans and eventually made it to the parking lot of LP Field in Nashville.

There is something about the way Packers fans come together around our great team. After the game, we caught back up with the guys, got more of their story and were invited back the Green Cheese Box to take a look, some pics, and well…to party a bit. We got our pics of the wheels and then jumped inside. This was riding in style! A bus layed out with bench seats that seated six and faced each other would be a really great way to cover the 800 miles (or so) from Milwaukee to Tennessee.

Well all in all, meeting the Packers fan passengers of the Green Cheese Box was a really great end to a really great night of football. And while we never met the owner of the Green Cheese Box (a friend of Todds), greenbaypackernation gives you a shout out whoever and wherever you are. Here’s to a great season by the best team on the planet and here’s to the greatest fans on the planet…Green Bay Packers fans! And if you have a cool story, vehicle, or Packer personage that you want mentioned…message me. We just might feature it right here on!




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  1.   August 9, 2014, 3:52 pm

    I think several of the mentioned players will perform well, but I had to go with “other”. Watch for Joe Thomas to make the most of his limited snaps at ILB. 🙂

  2.   August 9, 2014, 3:31 pm

    I could only vote for one rookie to jump out so I went with Bradford I believe this young man is the future QB nightmare for this team but I also think Janis is going to show case his talents very well in these pre-season game to solidify a spot on the 53.

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