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The “Other” Badger That the Packers Should Take

All the talk of late has been about the Packers’ first round pick and one of the names that keeps coming up is former Badger and brother of JJ, TJ Watt. But the Badgers have another OLB in Vince Biegel who may be a steal in the 4th-6th rounds of this year’s draft. 

Comp & Stats and Scouting

Biegel, in four years at Wisconsin, recorded 131 tackles, 28.5 for loss, had 15 sacks and two forced fumbles. His stat line is similar to former Badger, now Cleveland Brown Joe Schobert. Schobert is a more cerebral player though, while Biegel is a high energy, high motor guy.

Joe Schobert was drafted in the forth round and Biegel is projected to be taken somewhere between rounds four and six. Could the Packers take him with one of their two compensatory 5th round draft choices? Biegel is a high character, high motor guy and a great leader, but at 6’3″ and 246 pounds has been seen as undersized. Other negatives include the previously injured foot that has some scouts saying that Biegel may have a bit of medical red flag and the fact that he is quick to stack and slow to shed make for a mid to late round pick likely.

But off-the-charts character, a high motor, and leadership skills are things that cannot be taught while repertoires and pro skills can. Additionally, while Biegel doesn’t have the length that the Packers seem to want on the outside, he can still add bulk to his frame to gain power and has shown the ability to take on much larger opponents.

Value Pick?

One of the hidden values that Vince Biegel could add to the Packers’ team is that I think he will be a special teams stud. We have seen in the past that the Packers value special teams players who can be serviceable backups on the field when called upon (see Janis and less recently Bush). Biegel’s high motor and thumping tackling would be a great addition to a Packers special teams unit that could use an upgrade. Put him on the field with Kyler Fackrell and Aaron Ripkowski and add in a (presumably) healthy Jeff Janis as gunner, and the Packers coverage units get better. With Jacob Schum dropping the ball in high and offenses that play the Packers could see themselves working themselves out of a hole. If Biegel is still around when the Packers select either of their 5th round picks in particular, I think he would be a great value add that could become a rotational guy and/or a good backup for Nick Perry and with room to grow this would not be a pick wasted in round 5.


While Vince Biegel isn’t going to wow anyone with his size or stats, at the right time, he could be a great pickup for the Packers. Intelligent and relentless, Biegel could develop into a good edge guy but would provide an instant upgrade to the Packers cover teams. While Ted Thompson has seemed to be looking for more length than Biegel offers, he also values versatility and it would not be out of the question to see him snag a guy like Biegel who I think will outlast round four and be available in that fifth round where the Packers have a little extra leeway with a spare pick. Special teams is the forgotten third of American football and a guy like Biegel could be a great value.

Go Pack!