The Ripple Effect – 5 2016 Packer Matchups that Have Changed Drastically: Part ONE

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Packers Playing Loose vs Redskins 2016 WildcardAlready free agency has changed the way the Packers’ season schedule looks in a major way. Here, we are going to count down the top five matchups that look a lot different than they did a week ago. Let’s start with the number one game that took on a new look, or became a greater challenge due to free agency action. 

Matchup #1 The Packers versus the Texans

The Texans were a playoff team last year, largely due to the fact that they play in the weak AFC South. On paper, the Packers/Texans matchup looks like a touchstone matchup in the Packers’ 2016 litany of weak opponents. Yes, the Texans play good defense, and yes, they have JJ Watt. But this game just didn’t look like a challenge for the Pack, especially since it involved the Texans coming to Lambeau. Now, we don’t yet know when this game will be played so weather might not be a factor, and the Packers admittedly lost to some teams they should have beat at Lambeau last year (Lions, Bears) but still, the Packers had every reason to be confident they could take the Texans down in their own house. All that has changed.

While the Texans lost Arian Foster, they quickly picked up former Dolphin Lamar Miller, adding a spark to the running back position. Then, the Texans made their big move.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Brock Osweiler, the Champion Denver Broncos’ heir apparent to Peyton Manning, quickly became the Texans franchise quarterback. Reportedly, the Broncos were a couple million dollars shy of matching what the Texans were offering and Osweiler took the money and ran. Osweiler only played 8 games for the Broncos last year before he was pulled out in favor of the future first ballot Hall of Famer Manning. But in those games, the 6’7″ prospect threw for almost a 62% completion percentage and 10 touchdowns. Reportedly, part of the reason Osweiler left the Broncos is because he desired more freedom to change plays at the line than the Broncos offense under Gary Kubiak would offer him.

Osweiler has talent and learning under Peyton Manning means that he has learned from the best at the line of scrimmage that the game has seen. That, coupled with a dynamic running attack, a great defense that has still to see what first overall pick Jadeveon Clowney can do…oh yeah, and then there is the draft, and the Houston Texans look like a team that could quickly become a challenger.

In contrast, the Packers continue to work to get their free agents re-signed and have done nothing else it would appear. The team lost the division at Lambeau last year and has as of now done nothing to get better. In fact, as of right now we can only expect to lose players. Ted Thompson will likely find some good players in the draft but one thing is for sure. The Packers/Texans 2016 matchup is much different than it was a week ago.

Go Pack!


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