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The Verdicts in: And Video Proof at the End

Some Clarifications

Well yesterday we polled Packernation as to whether we should ban people who dropped “Packers suck” comments onto the Facebook fanpage, and then smugly disappeared into the ether of the web. The response was OFF THE HOOK!

However, in reading some of the comments, I wanted to make a couple disclaimers and clarifications:

  1. We had a lot of people say that we should only ban people who curse, and we TOTALLY AGREE with that. We think even Packers fans should show class when talking about other teams and their fans and omit the crude language. This post was about whether we should ban people who just drop in “Packers suck” and disappear. Such comments add nothing to the conversation and tend to lead threads in a negative direction. It’s kinda like the neighbor who has his dog crap on your lawn…but without the dog. Ha!
  2. Packernation is ALL ABOUT free speech. We love the guys who paid the price to give us our freedom in America (some of whom are related to us, and one of whom…my good friend John, paid the ultimate price) and we protect it as well. The question “Should haters be banned” could easily be misinterpreted so let me clarify:

This whole post was for FUN. It was great to see that most everybody understood that we were using the FB ban to make a statement. It’s kinda like when the Packers are winning the game and somebody tries to get all smart and fans just say…”Scoreboard…scoreboard!” its fun because there is no response to it…we win.

That said, please also understand that NOBODY at GPN is trying to take away ANYBODY’S right to free speech. They can say whatever they want…that doesn’t mean we have to let them post it on our wall. If I want to drop the F-bomb all over the place…what can anybody do about it? Nothin. If I spray paint it on the wall of the local hardware store…different story. The Facebook fanpage is the same way and we just wanted to see what the fans wanted from us (which is clear below).

The verdict is in

So with that said, the verdict is in Packernation voted and it wasn’t even close. 65% of voters wanted us to ban trolls and haters. So ban them we will. Here is what the results mean:

  1. For those of you who thought cursing and crude comment were inappropriate…you’re right, we agree and will continue to monitor that. Those people can go smear their feces on somebody else’s wall.
  2. For those of you who wanted haters to be banned…We hear and we obey! If all you’re gonna do is drop in and say “Packers suck” I suggest volunteering at a local homeless shelter or donating blood instead…and we are gonna encourage you to do that by hitting the ban button.
  3. For those of you who wanted playful banter and even a little cryin’ to be tolerated. Yep, we’re keeping that because we think even a little smack talk really adds to the conversation. I’ve met some really cool fans of OTHER teams doin’ this and it is in the spirit of competition to let those guys give us heck. I mean…we’re gonna win in the end anyway so let ’em talk!

If Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers suck…you’re team must be really, really good.

Here is the tri-fecta of reasons why the Green Bay Packers are the best team in all of football. Well, the tri-fecta of quarterback reasons. There are SO many other reasons to love the Green and Gold that I won’t even get started. WATCH below and be sure to SHARE this post with your friends…especially the ones who are NOT fans of the Pack…GO PACK!

Bart Starr

 Brett Favre

Aaron Rodgers