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The Wildcard Round is Here!

Its hard to believe it but the NFL Playoffs are here! Green Bay will be resting this week but how much excitement is there around this Wildcard round. In particular, Packers fans will be watching the 6th seed Lions as they take on the Cowboys in Dallas. If the Lions win that game, the Packers as second seed would have a game at Lambeau against either the Arizona Cardinals or the Carolina Pathers and the Lions would travel to Seattle to take on the number 1 seed Seahawks. If the Lions can pull an upset in Seattle, they have to come back to Lambeau in the NFC Championship. This scenario seems a bit unlikely but…that’s why they play the games folks!

While the Packers get healthy and Aaron Rodgers rests his injured calf, the Wildcard teams will battle it out Packernation will be watching. Who do you have in the Wildcard Round?

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