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This Difference-Maker Looks to Take the Next Step

Some guys just seem to have it all…size, speed, and the brains to go with it. When the Packers picked Ty Montgomery before last season, I saw one of the most fluid athletes I have seen in a long time. I predicted that he would be a difference maker and Packernation, for the most part, agreed with their post-draft grades.

But as we all know the proof is in the pudding and Ty was just starting to prove that he could help the Jordy Nelson-less Packers out when he went down with an injury that never was quite right in 2015. A week earlier, Monty was having a breakout game in week five against the Rams. From the start, he showed he was able to get over the cornerbacks and underneath safeties and make plays. He proved it decisively early in the first quarter with a 31 yard touchdown. Granted the play was made possible by the Rams’ DB’s failure to switch on the rub route with Richard Rodgers, but Ty found the soft spot and took it to the house.

Montgomery has what it takes. Unfortunately for his 2015 season, he suffered a high ankle sprain in week six and was never able to return to the field. Now, a healthy Ty Montgomery is ready to tear up the field. After studying and meeting and rehabbing for most of a season, post-season, and an offseason, there is no horse in the Packers stable that will be champing at the bit like Ty.

The second year is where coaches look for players to make a leap and though Montgomery practically red-shirted his rookie year and comes back to a receiver corps that once again includes Jordy Nelson and is stocked from top to bottom, Ty Montgomery looks to succeed where Davante Adams failed and reach his second year potential.

No matter what, this Packers receiver group is going to be special and I believe that the Packers will have their best offensive year in the Aaron Rodgers era in 2016. If the defense takes a step…special things could be goin’ down at the 1265 this year PackerNation!

Go Pack!