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This Mother’s Day is Different…

Rest in peace Sheilla, pictured here (right) with her sister Paola. You are missed.

Mothers Day celebrates the lovely ladies who went through the pain of childbirth and patiently guided us through the trials and pitfalls of life. Mothers cheer us from the sidelines, smile at our foibles, and are always there when the chips are down. To our Mothers, we are winners even when we lose.

This post is dedicated to Sheilla Fernandez, who left behind two girls and a loving sister Paola and will be missed greatly. She went too soon but it is important to remember that our Mothers are always with us…even when we are apart. Please feel free to leave condolences here or back on the Facebook Fan-page, and also take a moment to wish your Mom a Happy Mother’s Day!

So with that said, here are some Packer Moms!

If the Packers are the greatest team, Packer Moms must be the greatest Moms. So today we celebrate all the Packer Moms out there. Here are some FanFotos that fans sent in this week…ENJOY!