Three Keys Against the Vikings

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Even Chicago can beat the Vikings…

The Packers travel to Minnesota in what seems to be the perfect game to have after the Eagles min-vikings-revolutionand before the Patriots. With Minnesota playing outdoors this year while their new stadium construction continues, and the fact that so many in Minnesota are Packers fans, this game will be as close to a “home away from home” game as the Packers could hope for.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The Vikings had won two in a row and Bridgewater was looking for his third 4th quarter comeback when he threw the pick that effectively ended the game. While the Packers cannot afford to overlook anyone, this game sets up well for a team that has a lot of reasons to expect a win.

This has been a crazy season and I would hate for the next bizarre turn of events to be the Packers falling to the Vikings. Don’t think it is gonna happen but I am glad that coach McCarthy is the type to do his due dilligence on this one. The Vikings beat the St. Louis Rams the first game of the season and the Rams just recently beat the Denver Broncos. These two teams have obviously developed differently at this point in the season, a fact that is also true of the Packers who are benefiting from Clay Matthews continued versatility.

The Packers clearly out man the Vikings, but a few things will still be important to winning this game:

1. Execute

The Packers have been executing so well, I have started calling Aaron Rodgers “The Executioner”. He just needs to continue to do so and our offense can put up enough to once again put him out of harm’s way on the sideline in the 4th quarter. Our young players Adams and Rodgers need to continue to develop toward that “6th sense” that guys like Jordy Nelson have, knowing exactly what Rodgers wants in every situation. This could be a key developmental game.

2. Stay healthy

clayAbove all, we need to stay healthy in this game. Assuming we play up to our potential, I would like to see Rodgers, Sitton and Lang out as soon as possible. Sitton and Lang to rest and Rodgers because those two are not in to protect. Many people are saying that the Packers have hit their peak too early. I disagree for two reasons:

  • Who says they have peaked? Clay Matthews has only played two games at ILB…two games! He can get even better. Randall Cobb while having a great year, has dropped a few balls (tough catches) in the last two games. We all know that Randall can make circus catches like he did against the Bears. If he and Jordy catch everything….the Packers score even more!
  • If this team continues to play the way they have, more and more starters will get more and more rest. This team can still improve, even if the scores are not as high. We can improve with lower scores because our starters are resting for the next game and our younger players and backups are getting significant playing time. So knock on wood big-time for that.

3. Continue to confuse

The Packers added a twist when they rolled out Clay Matthews at ILB. As more an more tape comes in, coaches (like Bill Belichick) will put checkdowns and protections in place to counter it. I have been saying that the Packers are one of the most creative teams in the league since McCarthy put BJ Raji in at offense. I would like to see more of the same. We saw Julius Peppers go in as an eligible receiver and drop the ball. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of that! Just imagine the scramble on defense if McCarthy put in something crazy like a 5 WR set with Jordy and Cobb on the outside, Adams, and Lacy and Peppers…wuh?

The changes on defense have confused opposing quarterbacks. Jay Cutler had never seen Clay play ILB as his major role before, Mark Sanchez hadn’t been a starter in…forever. Teddy Bridgewater is a rookie. I can’t wait to see if this defense can confuse someone like Tom Brady…But that is for another week.





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  1.   December 14, 2014, 10:25 am

    I think that besides the Patriot game the Pack got a little used to letting up in the 2nd half of games, & you can’t do that against a good offense. Hopefully it’s a lesson learned.They have been outscored in the second half in several games (New England, Atlanta, minnesota, Chicago, Carolina, Miami, Detroit, & Seattle) That can’t happen in the playoffs.

  2.   December 13, 2014, 1:52 am

    It wouldn’t be a tale of 2 halves if both halves had been bad. 😉

  3.   December 12, 2014, 4:16 pm

    The packers defense needs to play hard for all four quarters from here on out they have 2 of the last three games against very good teams. Even though Rodgers is playing the best ball of his career they still need to stop these good teams from keeping pace with their offense. The Packers have never won a game in Buffalo and that alone will be on the teams mind. Little things like that may not sound like much but it does add stress, So I hope they can put that out of their mind along with last weeks second half let down and go out and play Packer football to come away with a win.

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