Three Reasons the Packers Win on Sunday

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The Packers road loss to Detroit is now in the rear view mirror and it is time to look ahead to the aordmeeting with the Bears. A lot of people in Packernation are panicking over the 1-2 record that the Packers have to take with them to Chicago.

I’m here to say that the Packers will bounce back in this game, square up their record, and get back on track this Sunday versus the Bears. Here are three reasons why:

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The Bears D-line is not like Detroit’s

untitledThe Lions rushed four and were able to dominate Green Bay’s run defense last Sunday. This allowed them to keep two safeties deep and thwart Green Bay’s passing attack. Much of the criticism of last week’s game had to do with play calling but the Lions were daring the Packers to run the ball. My problem with the play calling was situational and I also had to wonder about the called routes on a two-deep look. That said, the Bears cannot front us the way the Lions did, they just don’t have the guys to do it. Look for balance to return to the Packers offense like magic…the real reason will be that the Bears can’t dominate up front. Add to that the fact that the Packers O-line had to watch themselves be dominated by four guys…in slow motion…on tape, for the entire week and the Packers O-line will bounce back. While Eddie Lacy made a couple fundamental mistakes, the Packers RB’s did not run the ball poorly when they were given opportunities. The offense gets its rhythm.

The defense gets it done again

The Packers defense has not gotten enough credit for the way it manhandled one of the most potent offenses in the league last week. The Bears bring a similar offense and so the test will be no less great against the Bears. If the defense can get pressure on Jay Cutler like they did on Matt Stafford, this will be another dominant performance. The Bears O-line is better though…hard to say that Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews (assuming he plays) will be in Cutler’s grill quite as much. But if the defensive backfield steps up and guys like Davon House continue to shine, I think we can keep the Bears to 21 points.

Aaron Rodgers comes back!

rodgers mcAaron Rodgers is a competitor. He will have corrections in place and will come to play on Sunday. The thing about putting a loss on tape is that it gives other defenses hope that they can do the same. What most people don’t realize is that a loss on tape is also a valuable learning experience for the offense, granting them the opportunity to determine a better response to defensive strategies. Trust me, the antidote to the Lions game was to be able to consistently run the ball, but in light of the fact that we could not, the tape has already given McCarthy and Rodgers the chance to decide a better path if that scenario happens again.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense storm back in this game. Packers put up 30+ and don’t be surprised with a double digit win in this game.



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    Really…. we all know who’s #1…. packers #SB50 world champion #14titles can’t wait….

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