Tight End Battle is Tight

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The competition for starting tight end has gotten interesting. Andrew Quarless, Brandon Bostick, and Packers 1996 Super Bowl XXXIRichard Rodgers all seem to be in the mix as the third preseason game approaches this coming Friday. Will there be a shakeup…a change?

In the lead

It’s hard to say but I have to give my nod to Andrew Quarless here for three reasons:

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  • He is the incumbent. He has experience, and averaged almost 10 yards a catch last season.
  • He played well in the week 17 game against the Bears. Not only with a couple critical catches, but also with a couple excellent blocks
  • He had a good game against the Rams

Even though Richard Rodgers started the Rams game, Quarless ended up 4-5 for 58 yards and looked like the featured tight end. Aaron seems to be more comfortable throwing to him.

Nippin’ at the heels

Brandon Bostick’s “Jermichael” catch against the Titans showed that he can be a difference maker Packer Training Camp August 4even in poor weather conditions. I would have thought that Bostick would have gotten more reps in the Rams game but it looks to me like one of two things has happened:

  1. The Packers have all but decided to go with Quarless as the starter and he will play a full half against the Raiders on Friday.
  2. The Packers used Quarless in this game because he was a known commodity and will give Bostick and Rodgers significant playing time on Friday to get more tape to make the decision.

Bostick went out of the Rams game with a leg injury. If he misses time, it puts him on the bubble and opens the door for Rodgers.

On the bubble

I don’t know if it is fair to say Rodgers is on the bubble but he hasn’t done much since the preseason began which is important since he was given the start agains the Rams. I would like to see Rodgers and Bostick get some serious playing time with the starters in game three of the preseason. Quarless is a known commodity and if one of these guys can unseat him with higher play level, that would make the team better.

Preseason game three to come…

Well, Friday’s game versus the Raiders will tell us a lot and I for one hope to see more of these young guys. It is entirely possible that we see Quarless in the majority role again and if that is the case, he will likely start for the Packers this year. However, I would love to see one of these young guys flash greatness and upgrade the Pack at the tight end postion.



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    In Ted I trust. Past…Present…..Future!!!

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