Thanks for the Memories Donald Driver

Donald Driver TributeSo, another era of Packer history has come to a close. This time it’s Donald Driver who takes his turn among the Packer greats to say he’s hanging up the cleats.

It’s been a wild ride for the man who has come from no where and gone to the top of the Packer record books. Donald will definitely be missed around Packer Nation.

Originally, I wanted to post some of my favorite Donald Driver plays, but there were so many that I wouldn’t have been able to choose which were my favorites. So, instead, I’ve selected a couple highlights that capture the essence of Donald Driver and what he’s done for the Packers over the years.

Driver Dazzles

Every Packer receiver has struggled with dropped passes and Driver hasn’t been immune to that horrible disease.  However, as a general rule, his focus was outstanding and he often made catches like this..

Any time the ball is in Driver’s vicinity, he finds a way to reel it in. This ability to find a way to come up with the ball made him a go-to guy for much of his career.

Crazy Legs

The other thing that really sets Driver apart from other Packer receivers (and anyone else in the league) is that he seemed to be able to detach his legs from his body at will. Defenders would think they have a bead on him only to grab at air. His yards after catch was a lot of fun to watch. Including this play against the 49ers…

Thanks for the Memories

Best of luck in the next adventure of your life Donald. I hope your NFL career has given you as much joy as you’ve given your fans over the years.

Thanks for the Memories Donald Driver

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