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Two Reasons It Is NOT Time For Jeff Janis

The injury to Davante Adams has sparked a lot of discussion about whether some of the young wide receivers on the Packers’ roster should get some playing time. Adams was the talk of training camp and with the injury to Jordy Nelson would have seemed to be a shoe-in for a great sophomore season. Instead, a sophomore slump seems more descriptive. Even in his 4 reception game against the Bears, Adams was targeted 8 times and one has to wonder if Aaron Rodgers noticed the 50% completion percentage. Then in the Seahawks game, Adams got hurt and went 5 for 33 with a 13 yard long and Packernation is wondering how healthy he is. I am one of those who has been wanting to see Jeff Janis get a chance on the field with Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball for a change. After all, all the guy does is score touchdowns…right? With Davante Adams’ health suspect and Ty Montgomery showing that he can be a real threat as a rookie…shouldn’t a guy like Janis deserve a chance? Well, I agree that Jeff Janis deserves a chance but I don’t think the Chiefs game is that game to give him that chance for a couple reasons:

The formula to beat the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs win games with a simple formula:

  1. Great defense and
  2. The running game.

Great defense, for the Chiefs, starts with the pass rush of Justin Houston and Tomba Hali. These two are as good as it gets and Hali in particular was the bane of Aaron Rodgers’ existence when the two teams met last. The Packers’ offensive line is quite a bit better than it was then, with the best guard combo in the NFL and the hard-nosed Linsley at center. David Bhaktiari had his struggles against the Seahawks but he is as good as it gets as well. But assuming the Packers can handle Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs’ running game, this win could hinge on the way the Packers handle the Chiefs’ pass rush.

That…in turn… makes success for Jeff Janis questionable at best. Janis’ speed is something that I think the Packers can (and should) exploit. But the pass rush of the Chiefs requires that Aaron Rodgers stay within a 3 or maybe at times 5 step drop. Janis’ forte is the go route (not that he can’t get better at route running in general) and the seven step drop. But the seven step drop puts too much pressure on the Packers’ offensive line. So I have to wonder if “today’s the day” for Jeff Janis.

On the other hand, the Chiefs have not had a passing touchdown to a receiver for…like…20 years. So the Packers short game and the running of (hopefully) James Starks are the way to keep the Chiefs’ running game from amassing enough points to win. Again, Janis (and though I hate to make the equation) like Nelson, is an immediate touchdown threat. But that may actually NOT bode well for a Packers team that needs to be methodical and has been in the first two games of the season.

So, while I am entirely on the side of those who want to see Jeff Janis get a chance to play in the regular season with Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball…I just don’t think that now is the time. But what do you think? Am I right on…or am I crazy? Let me know in the comments below or back on the Facebook Fanpage.

Go Pack!