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Ty Goes to the Runner

Watching the Packers beat the Bears is always a thrill. But what excited me most was the production that Ty Montgomery had. When the Packers drafted Montgomery there was a lot of speculation that they selected him primarily to return kicks. I was one of those people. He looked so fluid in his college film. So much north and south with just enough adjustments to hit seams.

Then the Packer preseason hit.

Throughout the preseason Montgomery looked… off. He didn’t look bad, he just didn’t look like he was as able to read the blocks and find the same seams he located in college. Some of that, I chalked up to the fact that the majority of his blockers were young guys who were new to the position. But, some of his lack of preseason production was just slow reactions.

However, it looks like the move to the regular season and, with it, regular blockers has made a world of difference. Not once did the Packers start shy of the 20 yard line and he consistently put the offense in great field position.

More than that though, I get the impression that Ty was just one or two reads from breaking it for six. As he gets more and more comfortable with the return role we’re going to eventually see him light it up.

If the guys keep blocking like that and Montgomery can really settle down into his role, then half of the special teams woes will be cared for.

I really don’t expect the Seahawks to give Ty many opportunities in week 2. They’ll probably try to kick everything out of the back of the endzone and be content to let the Packers start at the 20. But, if they do make the mistake of putting the ball in Montgomery’s hands… watch out. The roar at Lambeau Field might be measurable on the Richter scale.