Green Bay: Ideal for Vince Young Comeback

Vince Young PackersI doubt anyone really questions Vince Young’s talent and ability as a quarterback. Anyone who watched the Titans in 2006 and 2007 knows Vince is gifted and had a great deal of potential… potential that was derailed by some bad choices and some pretty serious distractions.

Vince says he’s matured greatly, but that brings up a couple questions. If Vince has matured why didn’t things work out with the Eagles and Bills, and what might make things different in Green Bay?

The Eagles and the Bills each gave Vince a year and then dropped him. In Buffalo, Vince was served legal papers near the practice facility and the Bills organization reportedly received collections calls. It’s possible the Bills brass just decided they didn’t need that kind of distraction. It’s hard to tell. No one knows for sure what happened in Philly, but it must have been bad for the Eagles to pick Trent Edwards over Vince.

I think Texans GM put it best.

“What concerns me is the last two stops, Philadelphia and Buffalo,” Casserly said. “You had two coaching staffs that are known for developing QBs, two spots that, from the outside looking in, you know if you send a quarterback there he usually gets better, and he didn’t. That’s a red flag.”

So, what might make Young’s tenure with the Packers different?

If the issue really is the distractions his legal and financial woes are causing, the Packers organization is uniquely equipped to handle those distractions. Let’s face it, distractions can’t get much bigger than the Brett Favre fiasco.

On the one hand, the organization will roll with anything like debt collection calls. The Packer brass is good at diffusing situations that could become an issue for the team.

More important than that, the Packers are adamant about protecting players from outside pressure and distraction. Amid the chaos of the Brett Favre exit, Packer coaches and front office personnel kept Aaron Rodgers focused on his job. That season Rodgers was so well focused he threw for 4000+ yards and won the hearts of Packer fans everywhere.

If there is a place in the league where Vince can have the best chance at a new life and the best chance of proving himself capable of becoming a starter and a great QB, that place is Green Bay. Whether Vince will be able to surmount the tipping point and get his football career back on track is yet to be seen, but he’s in the best place to attempt that feat.

And Packer fans will be cheering him the whole way.


Green Bay: Ideal for Vince Young Comeback — 8 Comments

  1. I think that your comment that Charley Casserly “said it best” is flawed. Charley Casserly has for the last 7 years always made negative comments about Vince Young, which is no coincidence since it was his decision to keep David Carr and draft Mario Williams for the Houston Texans instead of Vince Young. Mr Casserly will NEVER admit he was wrong. That would kind of be like asking Jeff Fisher what he thinks of Vince Young. It’s easy to make points that make someone look bad, & not point out the positives, such as Vince Young in his tenure w/ the Titans help lead the team on winning runs of 8-3 & 8-2 in 2 different seasons.

  2. Point taken Jerry.

    My point was simply the fact that the Bills and Eagles unloaded him are red flags to me. Of course the rest of the article goes on to point out that GB is the best place for Vince despite the red flags.

  3. All VY did is goto the ProBowl twice and the playoffs once. This in spite of a coaching staff that didnt want him. Most people that talk about VY didnt watch him play. On two occasions he took an 0-5 team to over .500. The only change was from Kerry Collins to VY. The Eagle situation is self explanatory. They just signed Vick for $100mil so you really think VY was going to be a starter there? Regarding the Bills statistically speaking he was better than all their QBs during the preseason. Not to mention both teams suck with both coaches were fired. Ryan Fitzpatrick for the Bills was cut. That should be your red flag.

  4. I always find it peculiar when the media report on this dude. Clearly they do not watch him play; instead they choose to write articles based on people who have a known bias against Young. They base all their facts on people with an ax to grind. Watch the games he plays and then report on it. If you saw the Bills preseason games, it was clear he was better than the rest. Did you watch the Eagles game against the Pats where Young threw over 400 yards? That will never make it into an article. He doesn’t get any shots because of a reputation that is completely unfounded. Ask any of his teammates what kind of leader he is and your question would be answered. Look at his record and your questions will be answered. The fact is if Young throws an interception it is the end of the world. If Rodgers or Favre (king of interceptions) throws one, they get a free pass. I can’t imagine being an athlete where you are damned no matter what. We get it — you don’t like the dude personally for some reason. It shouldn’t be a factor in your reporting. In fact, when any negative article is written about him… it never has anything to do with his play on the field. It’s all about perceived off field gossip. Strange that he is certainly held to a different standard than the likes of someone like Big Ben.

    • I apologize Charlie. I think there’s a misunderstanding here. Let me see if I can clarify my stance on Vince Young.

      Vince is a very talented QB and I’m seriously pumped to have him on the team. I truly believe Vince’s time in GB could very well be the tipping point in his career.

      I was simply pointing out that #1- Despite the fact that Vince is amazing there are some red flags and #2- If there’s a place Vince can get over the hump and return to greatness, it’s in Green Bay.

  5. The argument “did you see him play?” makes me wonder “did you read the article?” since Vince’s talent is exactly where the article begins. I, for one, am cautiously optimistic that Vince will have staying power and be Rodgers’ number two for a couple years or more…at least long enough that he can pay off that Finger Hut line of credit that seems to be haunting him!

  6. It seems funny how everyone has forgotten what Brett Farve did for the Packers. He didn’t cause the big deal everyone made of Brett leaving I think every fan out there needs to remember what the man did for this team. Heck he played even when his dad died, he always put the team first, and all people do is criticize him, bring him back and retire his number he earned it ted Thompson and you know it.

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