What Do You Do? You Do Your JOB!

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This week there has been a lot of talk about taking the Vikings seriously and what a Vikings upset real12thmanwould do to the playoff picture. Let me set the record straight. The Packers go to Minnesota to do their job. And their job is to WIN, Period. No excuses, no hiccups, no asterisks. What do you do when you play a team that for all intents and purposes should beat? You do your job!

The Packers have the Vikings out manned, out gunned and outmatched in this one. There will be NO excuses, their will be no mercy, there will be no pride or moral victories in this matchup when the dust clears. This is a team that does not belong on the same field as our Packers but if they dare take the field against us, we must do our job. 

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Your job…

Aaron…make the pre-snap reads, deliver the ball and stay healthy. We have called you the “Executioner” it is time to put your foot on the neck of this team and put them in their place at the bottom of this storied division. You are the BEST quarterback in the league and you stand on the foothills of the Mount Rushmore of NFL legend. Sunday’s game is just a step on the way to Packer greatness…do your job, take that step.

Your job…

Offensive line…you are all guts and no glory. You stand in the gap and lay your bodies on the line to keep our quarterback upright and give him the time to do his job. Our team starts and ends with you because without you, we wouldn’t have Aaron Rodgers. This contest should rarely require a roll-out and it is up to you to play smart and play Aaron off the field in the third quarter. This is not overconfidence, it should be your goal. We cannot start preparing for the Patriots until we secure a victory against the Vikings…

Your job…

Packers vs Raiders Preseason 2014Receivers and running backs…there must be no let-off, there must be no hesitation. We are a zero to one hundred mile an hour offense and we must do it again on Sunday. Run crisp routes, protect the ball, deliver the blows that will once again prove that we are the team to beat in the NFC. Pack your bags, pick up a change of address form…your new home is the Vikings’ endzone!

Your job…

Defense…confuse, corral, and collide. You have been stingy almost all season…it is time to devastate! Failure is not an option and their is no excuse for you to be anything other than an absolute nightmare for Teddy Bridgewater on Sunday. Hit hard, play smart, and take the ball away. Continue to develop your new personality as a hard-hitting, ball-hawking defense that that brings opponents to their knees.


I can’t wait for this game! The Packers are a team of consistent preparation and they have a chance to prove that the only “trap” in this game is Clay Matthews’ steel jaws clamping down on Teddy Bridgewater and Julius Peppers baiting him into another pick six. There are no excuses in this game, the Packers take the field to put the Vikings in their place on Sunday.




Brady Augustine is co-owner and content creator for www.greenbaypackernation.com. He currently resides in Tennessee and also conspires with brother, JR on www.cheesnewswire.com

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