Who Will Take a Tumble Tomorrow?

Well Packernation, the draft starts tomorrow and for every “sure thing” there is a “wildcard” I made guess wildcard(and yes, they are ALL guesses) at who the Packers would get with that 21st pick but today I found myself wondering…”Who is gonna take a tumble tomorrow?”

In every draft, there is a player projected early in the first round who somehow finds his way DOWN the board (for example…Aaron Rodgers). Who will that person be tomorrow? Is it possible that a coveted safety like Ha-Ha Clinton Dix finds his way past the middle of the first round to make Packers fans hold their breath that he may still be there at 21? I’m here to tell you, it IS possible.

Is it possible that the Packers may find themselves making their decision while an elite offensive lineman (tackle) is still on the board? Could be…

Will a player like Eric Ebron surprise everyone and somehow be overlooked until the last third of the first round? Anything is possible and that is what is exciting about the NFL draft! Nobody knows what will happen. If anyone did, they wouldn’t bother watching.

My personal prediction for the Packers first round choice depends on rumors that a player is dropping down the boards. CJ Mosely could very well be a top 10-15 talent that ends up on the board at 21. If he is there, I don’t think the Packers make a mistake by taking an ILB for a team whose ILB’s have underperformed. But if one of the safeties (Clinton-Dix or Pryor) are still on the board…”Woot, Woot!”

Finally, what if the run on quarterbacks that inevitable will happen in this draft, doesn’t happen until late. If only one or two quarterbacks are chosen in front of the Pack in the first round…that may make things LESS interesting in my opinion.

Well that’s the fun of it, Packernation. The draft is tomorrow and Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and the rest of the Packer folks in the war room are gonna make some critical decisions for this team moving forward. I firmly believe that this is going to be a FANTASTIC draft for the Packers. But what do you think? Give a comment on the Facebook page or leave one here…Go Pack!

Who Will Take a Tumble Tomorrow?

One thought on “Who Will Take a Tumble Tomorrow?

  • May 7, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Ha Ha Clinton Dix baby!!!


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