Will the Real Eddie Lacy Please Step Forward

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Eddie Lacy vs VikingsIt was nice to see Eddie Lacy start to look like his old self again in the Packers outing against the Vikings. He was back to making people miss, he was back to bull rushing people, and he was back to pushing the pile for extra yardage.

When Eddie is rolling, the Packers offense, as a whole, moves the ball much more easily. The threat of Eddie Lacy opens up the passing game much like the threat of Adrian Peterson has given the Vikings opportunities in the past games this season.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

But the question remains, is Lacy back or is this one game flash in the pan?

The Vikings defense is no slouch. And they knew coming into this game that Eddie Lacy can be dangerous. I doubt they took Lacy’s recent slump as an indicator that they could ignore him. I think if you ask any of the Vikings players they would admit that stopping the Packers run game regardless of who was behind the line of scrimmage was a key component of their defense of approach.

That, to me, indicates that Eddie Lacy’s production was more indicative of a bounce back then just taking advantage of a let down by the Vikings defense.

Even beyond that, Eddie Lacy looked more like Eddie Lacy. He was smiling and he was pumped after runs. At some point, any athlete who is in a slump, breaks out of that slump and can just feel the change. I think Eddie is feeling it.

The other thing I think really changed with Lacy’s running was his vision. He seemed to be seeing the field better on Sunday. He identified how the play was developing, reacted quickly, and got north and south; Much more like the old Eddie Lacy.

All of this indicates to me that Eddie is truly back and ready to do damage the remainder of the season.


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