Will the Special Teams Finally be Special?

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draft logoThe Packers special teams was atrocious last season with botched onside kicks, poor kickoff returns etc., McCarthy said the ST’s would be better this year and it started with firing coach Shawn Slocum and promoting his assistant Ron Zook. Then McCarthy gave up his play calling duties so he could focus on all aspects of the team, now he will be in every meeting when it comes to defense/offense/special teams and this alone could make this team get over the small hump that’s been holding them back from going to the big dance, they let go of some key players who were making big mistakes on special teams or were getting to old to play at the speed needed to make our special teams a top ten group.

Look at this draft, with the first two picks they got two corners/safety’s that not only fill a need on Mike McCarthy Contract Extensiondefense but also brings back speed and tackling abilities. They took a WR/Kickoff/Punt returner with their third pick which was a weak part of the special teams last season and it also took one of their top receivers and starting slot corner/safety Micah Hyde and Randall Cobb out of harms way. The fourth round pick was a ILB/OLB Jake Ryan who may play well enough to win the starting job on the inside but he will bring a thumping tackler to ST’s this year as well. The fifth pick has most fans scratching their heads but if you take a good look at this he was a second or third round grade QB who fell to the fifth round so taking him as a value pick for a back up was one I think Thompson had to take, while he does not help ST’s this year he does bring security as a third QB and he will also push Tolzien to be a better player as well, the first of their last three picks in the sixth round was a FB who will be Kuhn’s replacement after this year but he will bring more speed to the ST than Kuhn. The second pick, a Defensive Tackle who could bring depth to the defensive line, and last but not least a TE who really is just depth at the position but he does add to ST’s.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

So did we get the theme for the draft this year? I know McCarthy has said in the past they do not draft players solely for special teams but I believe this year they made an exception. Time will tell if it was the right way to go but if these rookies play special teams in the NFL like they did their college days this year’s special teams could be just that,”Special”.

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