With Business out of the Way…it’s FOOTBALL TIME!

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Aaron Rodgers INT PercentageWith the Packers shareholder meeting complete, it is time for football to once again take Titletown by storm. Mark Murphy addressed the media and laid out the highpoints including the possible game in London and the continued pursuit of NFL to move football back to L.A. Murphy also talked about the Packers new throwback jerseys. The Packers plan to continue with throwbacks rather than using a futuristic look for their 3rd jersey.

But now…it’s time for football…

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

I can’t wait to see what shakes out at the cornerback position. This will be a critical position to fill and the loss of the veteran Williams is a void that may yet be felt. I thought the Packers let Williams go at the right time and I am excited to see who steps up. Casey Hayward will be starting out at that position and Quinn RollinsJoe Whitt has been clear that he is looking for the depth behind those two. Of course we all know that training camp is the perfect place for a shakeup so it will be fun to watch how things develop. With two high draft picks coming in, there will definitely be youth at the position.

Players are moving into the dorms at St. Norbert’s and readying themselves for the beginning of camp. Who are you watching? What battles are you looking forward to and what positions do you think are critical during this year’s training camp? Let us know in the comments below or back on the Facebook Fanpage!

Go Pack!


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1 Comment

  1.   November 30, 2015, 9:52 am

    Please change that predictable playbook – PLEASE!
    Please draft high end OL players
    Please play your best palyers on D & not take them out out when they’re having a good game..i.e. D.Jones,, Elliott, Neal..
    Please replace (bench/cut) players that don’t perform
    Please make in game adjustments
    Please let Jeff Janis play
    Please RUN THE DAMN BALL!!
    Please bench Nate Palmer
    Please J Elliott or J. Ryan play
    Please trade a TE and not in the 6th rd

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