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You Decide…The Matthews / Peppers Duo Nickname

Packernation steps up

We put out a call to try to influence all of the NFL and in particular Packernation by giving the Clay Matthews/Julius Peppers defensive duo a nickname. The response was incredible and we want first to thank Packernation for all the great responses…you really stepped up. This is, of course, to be expected of fans of the greatest team in the history of the NFL.We had to close the poll out because the list was getting too long!

The Candidates

Guys, we have to pare down the list! Yes, I have my favorites but I want this to be decided by Packernation. So here are the candidates…the only eliminations I made were nicknames that did NOT refer to BOTH Matthews and Peppers somehow (plural). I also pulled a couple more that were general descriptions…other than that, it’s up to you! Here are the responses in the order they came to GPN. Help me out…choose up to three of your favorites (and yes, you can vote for the idea you sent in). Then we will post again to decide the winner. This post will close out at midnight so HURRY!

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Go Pack!