You Make the Call!

OK Packernation…for an instant, you are the GM…Ted Thompson just came down with bird flu. The pick HAS to go in! What position, based on the depth of the draft, need, and of course, best player available do you draft in Round 1?

What should the selection be?

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You Make the Call! — 3 Comments

  1. The Packers will have a hard time returning to their former greatness until they fix their issues with the offensive line. Execution of plays on offense relies heavily on whether or not you can shut down the defense. It doesn’t matter who you have as the quarterback, receiver, running back etc. If the quarterback is always running for his life, he will have an extremely difficult time completing passes that take time to develop. And if the offensive line doesn’t create holes in the defense for the running back to run through, he will not be able to advance the ball. “Fix The Offensive Line”!!!

  2. I would like to see the packers trade up for Dix, I think we’ve done well with Alabama boys!! Needless to say, Ted will come out on top.

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