5 Ways to Have Fun at the Most Boring Game of the Year

Packer FansUnless you really get into the battle for the remaining positions, game four of the preseason is booorrriiiinnnggg… Oh sure, we all watch it. After all, the Packers are on the field, and the Packers can sell out an intra-squad scrimmage. But, that doesn’t change the fact that the game is usually a huge yawner.

So, here are a few brief tips to make the game more fun.

#5: Invite Friends to Watch the Game

Stuff is always more fun when a party is involved.

#4: Put Things Into Perspective

At least you’re not watching Mitt Romney accept the Republican nomination.

#3: Spend More Time on Facebook and Twitter

During the season, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the game and miss out on a chance to chat with the worldwide Packer Nation. Spend some extra time this game getting to know someone new.

#2: Create New Dance Moves

With some vocal percussion and the forward and rewind buttons on your DVR, you can spend some quality commercial time making new dances. This is especially fun when poking fun at the opposing team.

#1: Heckle a Bears Fan

This one’s just always fun.

About J.R. Augustine

J.R. Augustine grew up in Black River Falls, WI and is currently living in Tennessee. He was born a Packer fan and survived the infamous 70s and 80s. He has immensely enjoyed the Packers' recent success and is looking forward to years of success to come.

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