A.M. Quickslant: New “Wrinkles” + Same Chemistry = Better Offense

090911_Randall-Cobb_400We’ve been asking Packernation about NFC North division rivals this week. One of the most important reasons that teams try to institute new “wrinkles” into their offense is to try to throw their division rivals off the scent. There is a certain familiarity that comes from meeting a team twice each year and using different players in different ways helps nullify the advantage that such familiarity may give a defense. Plays that have not seen the field cannot show up as tendencies on the film.

The Packers offense will have its share of new “wrinkles” this year. Starting with a new play caller, the team will be directed by Mike McCarthy but the individual plays will be called by Tom Clements. This definitely is a new wrinkle not least of all because it means that Aaron Rodgers will have a greater influence on the offense. But that is not the only change this team has in store on offense. Randall Cobb was on the Rich Eisen Show this week and had some interesting hints that the Packers offense is not resting in its laurels. I will just let you give the interview a listen:

The beauty of new offensive wrinkles for this Packers team is that there will be little to no change in chemistry. Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb are all in place as the core of the offense and their chemistry is second-to-none. Add to that Devante Adams coming into his second season who, if he is supplanted will only mean that one of the other guys has played that much better…and Richard Rodgers in his second year, and the equation becomes clear:
New “Wrinkles” + Same chemistry = Better Offense.

Go Pack!

A.M. Quickslant: New “Wrinkles” + Same Chemistry = Better Offense
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