A Special Jerry Kramer Edition of BTN

Jerry Kramer Power SweepIn 1958, a player would step onto the practice field of the Green Bay Packers and play a crucial role in one of the most dynamic franchise turn-arounds in NFL history. Drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft that year, Jerry Kramer would soon display the type of work ethic that epitomized the 60s for the Packers and perfectly matched the coaching style of soon-to-be Packer head coach Vince Lombardi.

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In 1958 the Packers had their worst record in franchise history. In 1959, the team, led by Lombardi turned in a winning record. Over the next decade they dominated the NFL. And right in the thick of things was Jerry Kramer.

Over his 11 seasons, Kramer played in 130 games. All of them wearing green and gold. There were only two seasons in which he did not play every single game, 1961 and 1964.

He was a part of five NFL championships including the 1965,1966, and 1967 three-peat. And, he was a member of the 1960 all decade team.

In addition to delivering bone-crunching blocks on the Packer power sweep,  Jerry was also an accomplished kicker.

During his 11 year career in the league, Kramer hit 29 field goals and went 90 for 95 on extra points. He led the entire NFL in field goal percentage in 1962 with 81.818%. This on a leg that, moments before had been heaving a defensive lineman off his spot to make way for the Packer running backs.

Pretty impressive.

In short, Jerry Kramer’s contribution to the Packer organization and the NFL as easily stack up against the bulk of the players who have already earned a spot in Canton.

A Special Jerry Kramer Edition of BTN
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