Aaron Rodgers Shines Where It Matters

Aaron Rodgers StatsAaron Rodgers doesn’t top the stats sheet across the board, but, where it matters, nobody is better.

Aaron has been mediocre in the amount of yards he’s generated in the passing game. Right now, he ranks #15 in passing yards with just 1419 yards. I wish I could say that’s because our run game has been outstanding, but that’s not the case. Aside from the game against the Vikings the run game has been rather pedestrian too. But, Aaron makes the most of those opportunities in grand fashion.

7.9% of the time Aaron throws the ball.. it’s complete for a touchdown. It’s the kind of stat Packer fans love to hear. There is no one in the entire league more efficient at picking just the right target, at just the right moment.

The result is that, despite the fact that 14 quarterbacks in the league have made more attempts than Aaron, he’s still tied for second in the league in total TDs at 15. Wow!

The other critical stat where Aaron shines is in the INT column. 15 touchdowns and only one interception. And, that one interception was kind of a fluke too. The ball hit Jordy in the hands (something that usually results in a catch) and popped up rather than fall to the ground.

There is sometimes a price we pay when Aaron protects the ball. It drives me nuts when he holds the ball so long he takes a sack. It especially bothers me after doing without him much of lasts season. On the flip side, it also drive me nuts when Brett would sling the ball into places it just wasn’t going to fit. So, I guess I’ll keep my eyes on the silver lining.

Aaron’s efficiency keeps us in games. So, everybody repeat after me… Thank goodness our quarterback is not Jay Cutler.

Aaron Rodgers Shines Where It Matters
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One thought on “Aaron Rodgers Shines Where It Matters

  • October 19, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    Well said J.R. and yes Thank you Lord that Gutless is not our QB :)


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