AM Quickslant: 3 Reasons to be Excited for Training Camp

Julius Peppers PackersThe Forth of July is behind us and that means that Training Camp 2015 is right around the corner. Of course, camp is important to the team and especially to young players trying to get jobs, but it is also important to the fans for at least 3 reasons.

1. New and returning players

Of course we all want to know how the Packers draftees and UDFA’s are going to do out on the field BJ Rajiwhen we see them for the first time in pads. But don’t forget players that are returning from injury. Guys we didn’t see last year that are presumably starters or in the starting rotation. Jeff mentioned in a post how important it is that the Packers are getting BJ Raji back “rested and ready to rumble”. Second year players like Davante Adams, Jeff Janis, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix etc. are the source of great excitement as well. All those guys will soon be back, sweating it out at Clarke Hinkle Field in Green Bay.

2. Positional battles/the questions begin to be answered

Positional battles are one of the most exciting aspects of training camp. Young players try to upset the apple cart while veterans try to prove that they still have it. The Packers have question marks, not just on the defense (ILB, CB) but also on offense with a new fullback in the mix and a bevy of rookie and returning wide receivers looking to be made famous by number 12. Add to that the fact that Brett Hunley will be back on the field trying to show that he can be an NFL caliber quarterback and the positional battles will still be exciting on both sides of the ball.

3. A glimpse at the potential of the 2015 team

One thing that training camp does for the fans is give us a live look at the 2015 and a chance to see them as they come together. We in Packernation journey with our team in the ups and the downs and training camp is a preview of that journey as the first question for the 2015 team is always, “Which players will make up the 2015 team?” The coaches will have difficult decisions to make this year and those decisions will be extremely important going into the season.

Those are three reasons that I can’t wait for training camp to come around. Which aspect has you the most excited? What player are you excited to watch? What dark horse do you think is going to find a way to significant playing time this year? Let us know in the comments below, or back on the Facebook Fanpage!

Go Pack!

AM Quickslant: 3 Reasons to be Excited for Training Camp
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