As The Dust Begins To Settle…

real12thmanThere is a point before the end of each season where the dust begins to settle and the playoff picture starts to come into view. For all but a few teams, there are still meaningful games to be played in week 16 and for the Packers, a playoff bid is guaranteed with a win.

The most important thing, of course, is a win. But more than that, we want a statement game. It is time. Time to force our will on the opponent with no mercy, Champions prove themselves on the field and we know there is a championship in this team…it is time to let it out. Unleash the fury, bring the thunder, kick so much @$$ that you have to stop takin’ names. The playoffs begin TODAY!

It is time to beat the Buccaneers in such a way as to strike fear in the hearts of the Lions who, knowing they have to come to Lambeau, will also know that they are about to witness a reckoning.

AaroncowboyLet’s go Pack! Focus on the job at hand and execute with razor sharp perfection. This one matters so let’s take it to the Buccaneers.

Go Pack!

As The Dust Begins To Settle…
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