Atlanta: The Jekyll and Hyde of 2014

Eddie Lacy vs AtlantaOn November 20th, the Raiders took on the Chiefs and proved you can’t take any opponent for granted. I can guarantee the Packers aren’t taking the Falcons for granted and there are several reasons they shouldn’t overlook the Falcons.

Of course the reason that is in the forefront of everyone’s mind is that Atlanta just beat the Cardinals. The Cardinals had the best record in the NFC and the Falcons knocked them off. So, you never can tell.

The Falcons also gave the Lions a run for their money. In fact, the Lions required some last minute heroics to close the books on that game.

While the Falcons have given a couple teams a fight, they have also laid some big eggs. They gave up 41 points in a loss to the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago’s defense held the Falcons to only 13 points in a 27-14 thumping.

We could see either Falcons team show up tonight and we have to be prepared for that. However, I really expect this to be a fun game for Packer fans and a miserable game for Falcons fans.

The reality of the Falcons win against Arizona is that the Cardinal offense never got rolling. The Cardinals shot themselves in the foot by both losing the field position battle early and throwing interceptions (something that Aaron will not be doing tonight).

The Falcons defense is 32nd in the league overall and 32nd against the pass. That’s bad news considering they face the arm of Aaron Rodgers tonight.

In short, I hope you don’t have a job that requires you to use your voice because it will probably be shot after all the cheering you’re going to do tonight.

Atlanta: The Jekyll and Hyde of 2014
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