BREAKING: Two Major Changes in the Landscape JUST Happened

vernonAlready this morning, major changes have taken place in the landscape of free agency that affect the Packers or, hopefully, the Packers’ priorities moving forward in free agency. While the first has a more direct effect on the Packers in the NFC North, but the second is potentially more exciting. 

The free agent frenzy is in full swing and changing all the time. This morning, the Dolphins’ trade with the Eagles for Kiko Alonso et al was put on the rocks by a medical issue. Bruce Irvin unexpectedly went to the Raiders where he will be paired up with Khalil Mack, and Matt Hasselbeck retired (gasp). But here are a couple moves that piqued my interest:

#1 The Lions have reached an agreement with Marvin Jones

Now, don’t get me wrong… Marvin Jones is no Calvin Johnson. But the signing has a direct effect on the Packers as they will have to face a tandem of Tate and Jones that, with improvement at running back, could be fairly potent. Earlier, in a tribute to Calvin Johnson (give your respects here), I joked that guys like Sam Shields were breathing a sigh of relief. Well, this signing means that the Packers’ DB’s can’t do that. The draft this year is devoid of a true superstar wide receiver and the Lions could pick up a developmental guy with a high ceiling in light of the fact that Jones is already (expected after 4:00 EST tonight) on the roster.

#2 The Dolphins have rescinded the Transition Tag they had on Olivier Vernon

This one could be huge. After the signing of Mario Williams and with the understanding that the Jacksonville Jaguars were going to offer Vernon a deal the ‘Phins could not match, the Dolphins have rescinded Vernon’s transition tag in order to salvage at least a compensatory pick out of the transaction/loss.

So…obviously, the Jags are hard after Vernon and they have way more money to spend than the Pack. But if Ted Thompson would get in the mix and with him becoming a true free agent once again…it is time to do due dilligence on this guy. Be persuasive for a change…sell a championship Ted!

Olivier Vernon only had 7.5 sacks last year which isn’t an elite number but here is the thing…but he is a stud against the run. As a lighter defensive end, he is the perfect candidate to convert to a 3-4 linebacker. Put him outside where he is most comfortable and keep Clay Matthews in the middle where he has found a home for the last almost two seasons, or convert Vernon inside and have Peppers and Matthews on the edge and the Packers have a three-headed giant.

I know, I know…the numbers are daunting. But I have always maintained that the chance for the dance is a big motivator for great players. And as such, it is also a litmus test for great players so I think that our GM needs to be persuasive and go after a guy by matching or coming in slightly under what he could get elsewhere. Maybe it is time for a call from Mike McCarthy, “Hello Olivier, it’s God…I want you to play for the Packers.”

BREAKING: Two Major Changes in the Landscape JUST Happened
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