BTN: Day of Reckoning

Packers vs RamsThis will easily be the Packers’ biggest challenge of the season. The Rams are undefeated and virtually unstoppable so far.

The Rams offense is currently best, in the league behind the number one running back in the league right now. That of course, frees them up to also light it up through the air using the play action fake. As soon as teams start crowding the box in an effort to stop the run, the defensive backfield opens up for a potent Rams passing attack that ranks third in the league.

This does not bode well for the Packers who currently rank 22nd in the league against the run. If there is one silver lining, it’s that the Rams don’t attack the edges very well. They like to run off tackle, which means they’ll be running directly at Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark. If these guys can have a good game, it could throw off the Rams timing a bit.

The Rams offense is by far their most potent side of the ball. However, their defense isn’t bad. The Rams rank in the top 10 defensively. Their pass defense is ninth in the league and their run defense is 12th in the league.

So, what do the Packers need to do pull off a win on Sunday?

For starters, despite the fact that the Rams have a fairly good defense, their 12th ranking as a run defense gives the Packers the opportunity to ramp up the run game and chew some clock. If the Packer running backs can get a few more carries this game, they will not only eat the clock but will keep the Rams insanely good offense off the field.

Also, while the Rams defend the pass fairly well, they have struggled covering the third receiver. Look for Geronimo Allison and the rookie receivers to potentially have a good game. If that happens the Packers have a chance to win.

The Rams are averaging over 30 points a game, and they’re going to be around that mark against the Packers. This means that Aaron Rodgers and company will have to be in sync. Even then, this game could come down to the team that has the ball last.