Could Christian Ringo be Teds Late Round Gem This Year?

downloadWith the first of two comp picks in the sixth round Ted Thompson drafted Christian Ringo, 23, Louisiana-Lafayette, at 6’1″ 298 lbs. he is a mirror image of Mike Daniels,”Happy Birthday BTW”

If he has the same attitude, motor and determination as Daniels, he could be that gem Thompson seems to find in the late rounds. His 2014 stats of 11.5 sacks, 20.5 tackles for loss is pretty impressive. Thompson always seems to draft young talent who fly under the radar, and this guy could turn out to be hell on wheels. Just imagine him on one side of Raji and Daniels on the other they could become the terrible trio this team needs at stopping the run as well as rushing the passer! Ringo is explosive off the ball and his quickness for being a big guy is surprising, the good thing about him is he has lined up at nose tackle during BJ Rajihis college career but I think Capers will use him as a defensive tackle like Daniels this year and maybe if he works out they have a multipurpose D lineman that can play the nose after Guion and Raji leave. Thompson added young big guys last year with Josh Boyd, Mike Pennel and Bruce Gaston but they have yet to show that they are the answer to stopping the run, I’m not saying none of them will step up but it’s good to have new big guys coming in each year to find that gem like Daniels. Only time will tell but if first appearances are any type of insurance then maybe this guy is the policy we’re all hoping he is.

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Could Christian Ringo be Teds Late Round Gem This Year? — 3 Comments

  1. “Lafayette closed their football program down after the 2014 season so players kind of got lost in the shuffle”

    Where do you get your information from?! UAB closed down their program. Not Lafayette. Get your facts straight

    • My bad your right it was UAb I was reading to many articles last night and got them running through my head all at once lol..Thanks for the heads up I will get it fixed

    • Its was their last pick TE Kennard Backman from the UAB I was reading about and just got my thoughts jumbled up Grrr. Thanks again it is fixed now :-)

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