Eddie Lacy: A Glimmer of Hope

Eddie Lacy is BackIs Eddie back?

This is the Eddie Lacy we got used to seeing last season…



This is the Eddie Lacy we’ve seen so far in 2014…


And, this is the glimmer of hope that the Eddie Lacy we know and love is back…



So, the question that comes to my mind is whether Eddie and the Packer run game is really back on track or if the Vikings are just that bad. I believe the latter is the case and this is the beginning of the return of the Packer run game that was so outstanding.

Here’s why…

Offensive Line

The run game starts in the trenches. While it’s true that a big, bruising running back like Eddie will blow his own holes, that’s the job of the offensive linemen and they haven’t done a stellar job of that so far this season.

I’ve always been amazed at the way Lacy can fit that monstrous body through tight spaces. I don’t think the line needs to blow huge holes for him — of course I love it when they do. But, the line needs to stop the penetration defensive linemen have been getting on us. It’s difficult to get a running game going when all your running lanes are clogged with bodies.

The Pack did a much better job of this against the Vikings. There were some huge holes, but there were also some narrow gaps that Lacy was able to exploit. Throughout the game, the Vikings were seldom able to get penetration on our offensive line. This is great in the passing game where Aaron had plenty of protection most of the night, but it also gives Eddie the opportunity to make some reads and hit some holes.

Decision Making

Eddie made much better decisions against the Vikings. He was more the one-cut north and south runner that won him Offensive Rookie of the Year last year.

Coming into this season I was excited about the fact that Lacy was confident that he wouldn’t be as hesitant in his decision making process. But, throughout the first games he looked uncertain about everything. Now, granted, the defenses he faced early on are some of the best in the league at stopping the run — the Seahawks, the Jets, the Lions — but Eddie just didn’t look as confident as I expected him to be.

Lacy made great decisions against the Vikes and did very little east and west running. I think that is a shadow of things to come and I fully expect to see more of that against the Dolphins.

Back on Track

I truly think the Packer running game is back on track. Teams will continue to stack the box to stop it,  but Aaron will continue to keep those teams honest by picking them apart in the passing game if they lean too heavily on stopping Eddie Lacy.

It was a great game, and it’s good to see Eddie is back to… well… being Eddie.

Eddie Lacy: A Glimmer of Hope
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One thought on “Eddie Lacy: A Glimmer of Hope

  • October 5, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    It took Lacy a few games last year to get rolling also and when Rodgers went down they leaned on him even more and he not only took on the task but excelled with it and I honestly think if they gave him the rock 25+ times a game this year he would get that groove back again! Eddie is the type of runner that needs touches to get his vision for the holes, This last game it looked like he was starting to trust his power a lot more instead of dancing around looking for the lanes.


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