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Apr 26

A Chance Meeting and Good Packer People

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Then we talked about a couple of former quarterbacks of the Green Bay Packers. John said Bart Starr was ‘beloved’ in Green Bay. I asked him about the feelings about Brett and  he said  Brett was still liked  even though there were some who were angry  that he left.  John said Brett made a great contribution to the team.. He said the Packers put Green Bay on the map. 


We talked some more and before I left John told me a very interesting story. He said he worked for I.B.M. and before he retired  he was informed that one of their executives was coming to visit and he was to show him around Green Bay. There was a gift that John was to present to the executive - a  new autographed  Green Bay Packer football. He was looking so - passing the Packer stadium John said “…and this is the home of the Green Bay Packers.” and the executive said, “Oh I am not really that interested in sports.”  Later when I was to present the gift I said a few words and the man thanked everyone for the gift  from the home of the Green Bay Packers. 


I so enjoyed chatting with this sweet couple. Thinking back I imagine there are many people who accidentally meet and find great conversation and many friendships over our beloved  GREEN BAY PACKER TEAM.