Greg Jennings: Great Expectations

Greg Jennings Packer Wide ReceiverWith Greg Jennings entering a contract year in 2012, many people are left wondering what to expect from the Pro Bowl receiver. While Jennings is clearly the top option for Aaron Rodgers, there is still a plethora of talent surrounding the Packer offense. The emergence of a guy like Jordy Nelson, the fifth year player out of Kansas State, who actually had more receiving yards and touchdowns than Jennings in 2011, has made the Green Bay offense less predictable and very suitable for a strong campaign from Jennings in 2012.

Greg Jennings: The $26 Million Dollar Man

After signing a 4-year/26.885 million dollar contract in 2009, Jennings has done nothing but prove deserving of such a contract. Since signing this contract in ’09, Jennings has recorded 3,327 yards and 25 touchdowns and – while Nelson led the team in receiving last season – it was clearly because of the attention that Jennings received from opposing defenses. With the increased awareness of Jordy Nelson and the impressive frame of Jermichael Finley, Greg Jennings should find himself battling more single coverage or two-deep zones, which will allow him to get open more often in 2012.

Expect Jennings to pass the 1000 yard mark, adding double digit touchdowns to an already impressive career. The Packers will find themselves with the ability to spread the ball around on the offensive side, but this won’t prove as a negative thing for Jennings’ numbers – especially in the redzone. Jennings has the quickness that plays a major role in one of the hardest plays to cover in the NFL. When the Pack are on the goal-line, Aaron Rodgers loves to quick snap, one step drop, and hit Jennings on the quick slant. We’ve all seen this over and over again, and it’s difficult for defenses to stop this play.

Will Jennings receive a bigger contract than the one he signed in 2009?

Obviously, it all comes down to 2012. If the Packers make the run that everyone expects and Greg Jennings produces a 1000 yard season with double digit touchdowns, he will get a similar contract to the one in ’09. I can’t see him receiving anything significantly less than the one he’s currently under, but I can definitely see him getting a raise – barring a great 2012 campaign.

Will Jennings be the #1 option for Aaron Rodgers in 2012?

I can’t see it any other way. While Jordy Nelson led the team in receiving stats last year, he won’t be as much of a surprise in 2012, and therefore, Jennings won’t receive the double coverage as often as he did in 2011. Rodgers will continue to spread the ball; he will undoubtedly be looking for Jennings in clutch situations. What do you guys think?

Greg Jennings: Great Expectations

2 thoughts on “Greg Jennings: Great Expectations

  • August 25, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    The fact that Nelson won’t be a surprise and will take the double cover off of Jennings much more than any team would want to,compound that with the so-called new guys on the block of Borel,Gurley,Smithison,Boykin having not shown what many hoped to be,Jennings NEEDS to have a big year.For him not to,it would be automatic to save all extra dollars for him to be delegated elsewhere plus the length of the contract may be shortened to boot.

    The emergence of Jordy and the hoped 2nd year burst of Cobb,the prayed for Finley factor and the hope that DD can at least dictate a LB cover now and then should open the stat gates for Jennings.For it’s those gates that will decide for him his deal or not so big a deal…it’s all on him to a much lesser degree than before.

    • August 25, 2012 at 4:48 pm

      With all of the talent on this offense, some obvious and some hopeful, Jennings will no question have more opportunities against single coverage and — with that chance — he’ll absolutely take advantage of the situation.


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