Hargrove’s Return Could Spark the Packers Down the Stretch

Anthony Hargrove Packers Defensive LineThe Packers will have to do without Anthony Hargrove for the first eight games of the season this year. While there’s little doubt the defensive line could really use his contribution in the first half of the season, I’m wondering if there is a surprise benefit to Hargrove not hitting the field until the Arizona game on November 4th.

The big bodies on both sides of the line take a massive pounding over the course of a season. Inserting some fresh legs in the middle of the season could give the Packer defense a boost just as the beating starts to take its toll.

And it’s not like he’s coming off injury. He’s a healthy player just waiting for his chance to hit the field. There won’t be as many questions about his readiness. While he’ll have to keep himself in shape, we won’t be wondering if an injured knee will hold up, or if a nagging hamstring injury will take the edge off his game.

Add to that the psychological factor that Hargrove will be hungry to get back to football and you have a recipe for the Packer defense taking their game to the next level once Hargrove is able to play.

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