Has The Media Gone Too Far?

The Situation

Peyton Manning has gone on record as saying he hates the media in his face before and after games Aaron Rodgers Training Camp 2014and now Aaron Rodgers just stated on the Dan Patrick show that he also feels uncomfortable with the way the cameras are being let onto the field.
Should there be a limit to what media can cover?
I know the media is what makes the NFL money so they do get a lot of lee-way when it comes to getting close to the action so to speak. But if players feel like their privacy is being infringed upon should the league step in and put limits on when and where these cameras can be?
For instance, Aaron says he got hit in the back of the helmet during the pregame huddle when TJ Lang was giving his pep talk, and Aaron makes a good point, why be there at all when so much of what is said needs to be bleeped out anyways! Or when a player does want to have a private moment with a old teammate or coach but they can’t because the cameras are right in their face .
As a fan it is nice to get right in on the action that the media provides for us but as a person I understand there are moments that should be kept private between teammates and coaches that are old friends, the issue brings three questions to mind:

  1. jordyWhere do they draw the line? The media isn’t allowed everywhere at all times but should the refs be wearing GoPro cams clipped to their caps?
  2. And how can they keep us as fans entertained with the interaction of the sport we all love, while at the same time keeping the players from feeling intruded upon by our selfishness.
  3. Does the media make the entertainment, or do the players make the entertainment and the media covers it, and how much of the entertainment value falls outside of the game itself?

These are questions I feel need to be brought to the commissioners attention.
I would like to hear what your thoughts are on this subject so jump on the Facebook Fanpage and drop me a comment.
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Has The Media Gone Too Far? — 6 Comments

  1. The NFL video that I like best is “Sounds of Super Bowl XLV” by NFL Films. The only thing bleeped out was the swearing. They showed Jennings telling McCarthy that Pittsburgh couldn’t cover him on the out route the way they were playing him. A few plays later, they throw the out to Jennings for the TD. They showed Kevin Greene telling the OLBs “It’s time!” Soon after, they showed Matthews saying I think they’re coming at me, they’re looking at me. On that play Matthews hit Mendenhall in the backfield and caused the fumble.

    Those videos give a priceless perspective on the game which can only be obtained with cameras filming every step of the live action, both on the field and on the side lines. So I’m all for cameras on the field and on the sidelines. The media has to use some discretion about camera use, but for the most part they do very well. NFL Films wouldn’t be happy with cameras hitting the back of players’ helmets either, but mistakes happen.

    Too bad if Manning and Rodgers can’t talk “privately” to other players on the field. It’s a public forum on a big stage. The time for privacy isn’t before or after a game while on the field. Those “pep talks” are probably on NFL Films somewhere and I’ll enjoy watching them when they’re made available to us. The NFL owns the rights to everything that happens on the field, not the players who work for them.

  2. I think the players should be allowed to pick the media they want to talk to.
    Too bad if David wants to be a nosey so and so and can’t hear any private conversations. Get a life. Not every fan is obsessed with other peoples privacy like you are.

    • I have a very good life, thanks. No one forces any player to talk to the media, and that’s not what this article is about. The fact remains that what happens on the field is the property of the NFL. It’s not private and shouldn’t become so. I’m far from the only fan who enjoys the NFL Films “Sounds of… ” series. We replay them on the big screen before big games and they’re a huge hit with all Packers’ fans. Love my NFL Game Pass! :)

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