How the Best Gets Better

Aaron Rodgers StatsThe offense has been the strength of this team for years. With the line coming back this year intact it will definitely help Rodgers to stay upright and unleash his aerial assault once again but the better news could be Josh Sitton and Tj Lang have had time to heal from the injuries they played through last season. Sitton opted to forego surgery on his toe letting it heal on its own, he says it’s not 100% yet but by the time the season kicks off he believes he will be fine. With Nelson having clean up surgery on his hip he has he also feels he will be ready when training camp starts so with everyone coming back and healthy can this offense be better than last season?

This will be a tall order since they were the number one scoring offense in the league, with McCarthy giving up calling plays I for one am concerned. While I am on board with the change due to his lack of finishing games with a ‘step on their throat’ attitude, I did like the way he called games. The Packers were #1 for a reason.

I believe what will help the Packers become an even better offense than last year is special teams. Last year the offense was starting most of their drives inside the 25 so it was a long field to score but with the release of Slocum and some key players who were getting old, along with the fact that Mike McCarthy will be focusing more on this aspect of the team, an improvement in starting field position seems likely. This years draft seems to point towards making this a priority and I for one am excited to see who wins the kickoff/punt returns game this year. With Abby, Janis and Montgomery being the wild cards to take over from Cobb and Hyde, I personally believe this will be the first year they keep 6 receivers on the roster or move Montgomery to RB and make him solely a ST player with certain plays out of the back field but as a receiver. I don’t see him out-playing the other five.

I like Starks but I also think he will have stiff competition for the #2 spot with Crockett and Neil, I don’t jordyknow much about the other guy they have on the roster, Harris, but I am sure he caught someone’s eye to have been signed so this will be another position I am looking forward to watching in training camp.

These are just a few of my thoughts on the offense but let packer nation know yours in the comments section  below. And check out our other posts and articles as suggested for you.

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How the Best Gets Better
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One thought on “How the Best Gets Better

  • June 16, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    As good as the offense was in some games last year, they were not so good in others. Seattle, Detroit, Miami, Buffalo, MN, Tampa Bay, and Seattle again were all games that they struggled to score points. There’s a reason that McCarthy is concentrating on red zone efficiency this year, and plenty of room for improvement.

    I’d like to see us use some misdirection and play action passes to TEs and RBs in goal line situations. Hopefully we’ll be much less predictable in those situations and at the end of games this year. Go Pack go!


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