Hundley, White Shine in Finale

Jared Abbrederis Preseason 2015The Packers preseason so far has been up and down. The final preseason game is a final chance for rookies to stand out but in this case, it was also a chance for some returning players to show that they belong. The game against the Saints delivered in both categories. After the last two games, Packers fans wanted a win even though the scores and standings don’t matter in the preseason. There are definitely still question marks, but the Packers did show that they have some depth in dominating the Saints from the beginning of the second quarter on.

All eyes were on Jared Abbrederis who took the field for the first time in way too long. But Abby was 1 for 6 for an average of six yards though he was targeted four times. This was not an outstanding outing but Abbrederis did look like he could play at this level and did a good job in punt returns (aside from the fumble that was nullified by penalty) going 3 for 35 yards with an 11.7 yard average and a long of 17 yards that showed elusiveness, and the ability to to get north and south and get yards.

But all in all this game, though a good win, was mostly an evaluative tool. Brett Hundley once again showed that he is for real…this kid is going to be know someday. Hundley went…wait for it…16/23 for 236 yards and 4 touchdowns. His passer rating was 142.4 and you can say all you want about the preseason, you can say all you want about playing against scrubs…Hundley is proving to be a steal as a fifth rounder.

Myles White also had a good performance and made the case that he might have staying power on the team after all, catching four passes for 46 yards and an 11.5 yard average and two touchdowns. The performance gave the Packers impetus to keep him on the team as a guy who can contribute.

Roster cuts are close Packernation. Tonight’s game has put enough on tape for the Packers “powers-that-be” to make the final cuts. When the dust clears, we will know who is going to represent the Packers for the 2015 season. I suspect that this year may be one of the few that has less surprises than past years. But regardless, the regular season is now upon us and we will be breaking down the game in its entirety and keeping you up on roster cuts in the near future.

Go Pack!



Hundley, White Shine in Finale
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