Interceptors vs Mr. Security

Aaron Rodgers ball security vs Giants interceptorsBall security is always important, but it gets even more important in games that are more evenly matched. In close games the win often comes down to who is plus one in the turnover column. As the Packers meet the Giants the importance of ball security will be amplified, and there are three very good reasons why.

Giant Football Magnets

The Giants have three players on the leaderboard for interceptions. Brown is currently second in the NFL in that category. However, the top twenty also holds two other Giants players; Boley and Webster. These three players are the reason the Giants are the #2 team in the league in interceptions.

What’s scary is not just that these guys are finding the ball on a regular basis. The really challenging issue is that they cover the entire field. Boley is a linebacker and is on the leaderboard for INTs. So, it doesn’t matter if you go deep or run crossing patterns, you’re running a risk every time you put the ball in the air.

Meet the Surgeon

Fortunately for Packer fans, we have the ideal answer to the ball magnet… surgical precision.

Rodgers has thrown 354 passes and only been intercepted 6 times. That’s an INT on only 1.7% of his passes. While Aaron has been quietly productive this season (as opposed to the eye-bugging productivity of last season) he continues to secure the ball as well as anyone in the business.

If Rodgers can continue to throw the ball where only green and gold shirts can catch it, the Packers should have little trouble marching down field. If not, we could be putting more pressure on our defense than we really want.

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