Jeff’s Early Prediction On The Falcons Game

Don’t let the Falcons 5-7 record fool you, They are a much better team than most would think. They Aaron Rodgersare coming off a win over the #1 seed Arizona Cardinals 29-18. Matt Ryan is a veteran QB that can kill you with his arm or legs, While he is not in the same category as Rodgers he still reminds me of him the way he plays the game, He is the leader of this team and makes good reads at the line of scrimmage. He has some good targets to toss the rock to as well, Julio Jones and Roddy White can make big plays if the Packs secondary are not on their A game Monday night. Steven Jackson is their work horse and can pound the ball averaging 3.8 yards per carry. That may not sound like much but it’s enough to get first downs in 3 carries!

With that said do they bring enough to the table to beat the Packers? “No” The way the Packers are playing right now and especially at home it will be a long night for the Falcons. Aaron looks like he is hitting his stride just at the right time and his arrow is pointing straight up and that’s bad news for any opponent that he plays. Jordy just played against what I consider the best corner in the NFL in Revis, “Yes he is better than Sherman as well” and Jordy proved he can get separation to make big plays on the best so there is no way the Falcons secondary can stop him this game. With Adams improving each week and Cobb right on the heels of Nelson they’re going to run circles around the Falcons.

Lacy TouchdownAtlanta ranks 20th at stopping the run and the Pack 28th but since Matthews was moved inside those stats are on the rise and if they keep Barrington in with him on more snaps the middle could be as strong as its ever been. Hawk knows this team and what needs to be done but his speed is a crutch lately and I think Capers see’s this as well. That’s the reason Barrington is getting more reps now. But point being, I don’t think the Falcons will be able run on this defense now and Lacy will pound through theirs :) So that comes down to the QB’s and we all know who is going to win that battle!

Some are saying the Pack may take this game lightly,Or it’s a trap game, I do not believe McCarthy takes any game that way, He prepares each week no matter what a teams record say. So my prediction on the game will be the Pack wins by no less than 2 TD’s

Final 38-17 Pack :)

Go Pack Go!



Jeff’s Early Prediction On The Falcons Game — 2 Comments

  1. This can be a trap game. Remember during 2010 season we went as wildcard and dismantled flying Falcons who were 13-3(I believe ?). We do not want any paybacks..let’s not be complacent.. GO PACS

    • As I stated I don’t believe McCarthy will let this be a trap game as you say. He will prepare for this game like he has any other and will have the team ready for a dominant win. Only way they lose is if the Players do not execute.

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