Mason Crosby: Breaking Out of the Slump

Mason Crosby SlumpMason Crosby is not in a slump. What Mason is in, is so much deeper than that. The question on everyone’s mind is what do the Packers do about it.

Under different circumstances I would say the Packers should just bring in some competition. Competition can work wonders for a player who’s resting on their laurels. But, resting on your laurels is not what Mason’s problem is. Bringing in competition would do nothing for Mason aside from amplify the psychological factors that are challenging him. Bring in another kicker and the message Mason gets is ” We don’t have confidence in you,” and he’s already struggling with his confidence.

This is just something Mason has to work through. Like a golfer struggling with his short game or a basketball player having trouble from the free throw line, he just has to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. It may be mechanics or it might be completely psychological but it’s the type of thing you just work through. Eventually the golfer’s short game comes back and the basketball player starts hitting those free throws again, and I believe Mason will start finding the uprights again.

If Mason beats this slump (and I really believe he will) he’s got the kind of leg strength we can’t find anywhere else (at least not right now). As frustrating as it is to say it, I think we have no choice but to ride out the slump.

I think Mason will get back on track as the season winds down. At some point, he’ll fix his mechanics or get past the mental block. We all just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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