McCarthy Press Conference Recap

mike conferencePackers’ head coach Mike McCarthy addressed the press today before what could prove to be one of the toughest challenges the Packers will face this season…the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium. Both teams are coming off bye weeks and the Packers were particularly banged up. With a week of rest, the Packers look to continue a 2015 season that began with six straight wins. 

Coach McCarthy emphasized that there is a “lot of energy in the building so far this week.” Also giving respect to the Broncos and the environment that the Packers will face Sunday night, saying that they “They look very good on film”.

Coach McCarthy didn’t want to say that a bigger Eddie Lacy is the reason that he has had trouble healing from his ankle injury but did confirm that Lacy is “bigger than he was as a rookie”. He said Lacy “Looks good, watching his work Monday which is when you stress the position.” The Packers will need Lacy since coach also confirmed that James Starks has an injury that he received in the Chargers game though McCarthy is hopeful that he will continue to make progress. He did not give specifics as to the injury.

In general the coach said that the team is not where it wants to be but has a high level of accountability. “We are in tune with the things we do well and the type of team we are, striving to be the team we want to be.” This stress of continued improvement should pay dividends with a young team down the road.

In terms of the Broncos defense, coach said he saw them “flyin around. Very talented, play with a high tempo, very fundamentally sound.” Again, this could be the biggest test the Packers have faced so far in 2015.

When asked if Peyton is the same quarterback (as he was before), coach said that while he believes the scheme has changed, “We are prepared for him as the same quarterback he has always been. There will be some things different in the game sunday than what we have prepared for.” Coach noted that the Broncos offense is a “potent offense, not just Peyton but also skill positions”.

As for environment and specifically altitude, coach basically said they are going to travel a day early and that because it takes more energy to play in high altitude, the team is focusing on getting carbs and staying hydrated.

Finally, coach McCarthy was asked whether the team needed to hand the ball off more. He responded by taking a step back and saying that from what he has seen, the team just needs to get more plays in overall. With a team goal of over 70 offensive plays per game, 60 or so just won’t cut it.

Well, the Broncos will certainly be a challenge to that number and if the Packers can get more offensive plays in against the Denver defense, it will bode well for their chances against the Panthers and beyond. The excitment level is already high for the Sunday night showdown and the Packers look to knock off an unbeaten. If they do, we will be one step closer to that something special that all of us want for our Packers in 2015.

Go Pack!


McCarthy Press Conference Recap
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  • October 28, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    I would like to see coach Mike teach the players how to respect the National Anthem.. (The Star Spangled Banner) Some of them act like they don’t know what to do…


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