Mike McCarthy: “It’s Time To Play”

Packer Preseason RELAXMike McCarthy addressed the media this afternoon and was very happy to have James Jones back in the fold. It is yet to be seen how Jones will be implemented in the season opener as he has new installs to learn and no time at all to do it. The concepts are the same though and Jones will be focusing on that for the Bears game come Sunday.

McCarthy is confident the team got each player enough reps to make the final cuts and the team is ready to move forward. A young defensive backfield could headline the game by the time it is over on Sunday, either for good or ill. If the defensive backfield matures and takes advantage of its opportunities, the defense should thrive this year.

“We’re preparing to win games…we’re preparing to beat Chicago” coach McCarthy stated with no hesitation and it appears he is ready to begin developing this year’s team identity by beating the Bears. Much has been said (and written) about the team’s desire to start fast this year and Sunday will be the starting point. There is no way this Packers team can afford to overlook the Bears who, with a new coaching staff are implementing a new attitude as much as anything else. The 3-4 defense that the Bears are turning to will likely have its share of growing pains, let’s hope that the Packers offense, led by Aaron Rodgers and supplemented with James Jones, will provide plenty of pain for the growing.

With a week to go, James Jones will have plenty to do to ensure that he is ready to take the field on Sunday. When he does,James Jones 2 it will be against a familiar opponent in a new scheme. But when it comes down to it, Jones is a football player and this is football. I expect the young guys to get some good reps in but I also expect Aaron Rodgers to make it a point to welcome James Jones back into the fold…and to show the Bears that this year’s Packers team is a team of reckoning.

Go Pack!

Mike McCarthy: “It’s Time To Play”
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